Skirt Apron Spiral Model

Combination of skirt-apron is a stylish model provides ease for movements by dividing the weight between shoulders and waist.

Overlapping panels (0,175mm/0,250mm) in Skirt Apron Spiral Model provide a perfect protection by covering whole front side of the body. As an example, to provide 0,50mm Pb protection, we use 2 overlapping 0,250mm Pb panels (double-breasted). Spiral models provide a light usage and highest level of protection in long term usage. Apart from the standard sizes below, skirt-apron model can be produced in exact body size on demand.


Protective Value

Front: 0,35 mm Pb or 0,50 mm Pb
Back: 0,25 mm Pb

Size Apron Length Skirt Length
Small 60 cm 55 cm
Medium 60 cm 60 cm
Large 60 cm 65 cm


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