Ceılıng Mounted Protectıon Shıeld

Optımıze your workstatıon by usıng the ceılıng mounted protectıon shıeld!

The medical staff is facing a problem regarding the high radiation exposure due to long radioscopy and frequent examinations in the interventional radiology. The front of the body is protected while using an X-ray protection apron, however, the head, arms and hands are exposed to a high radiation.

The ceiling-mounted protection shield consists of the central axis, extension arm and retaining rod.

Simple central axis

  • Stable metal construction for fixing on the raw ceiling for bridging the suspended ceiling
  • Length 37 – 144 cm
  • Bearing capacity 30 kg
  • With dome cover
  • Optional 2-way, 3-way four-way arm possible

Extensions arm

  • Range / length 60, 75, 85 or 95 cm
  • Can be rotated by 360° around the central axis
  • Linking to spring arm

Spring arm

  • Length 90 cm
  • Bearing capacity up to 21 kg
  • Adjustable in the vertical direction at intervals every 15°from -45° up to +45°
  • An inside placed adjustable spring enables weight equalization oft he shield and fixation in each desired position
  • Linking to the holder for the extension arm

Retaining rod

  • Length 60 cm or 80 cm
  • Vertical rotation of 360°
  • An inclination of the shield by about -5° up to +45°
  • Handle made of black thermoplastic
  • Linking to the shield

Protection shield

  • Lead Acrylic glass 77 x 62 x 1,2 cm
  • Pb eq. 0,50 mm
  • Other sizes or corner cuts special design – made to order
  • Can be rotated vertically by 360° around the suspension
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